Advantages and Disadvantages of Different Types of Care

Each type of care has advantages and disadvantages. Here are a few to consider:

Home Care Advantages

  • The patient may feel most comfortable, secure, and loved at home.
  • Family caregivers may feel most relaxed and confident at home.
  • It’s easier for the family to spend time with their loved one at home.
  • The home environment may offer the patient and family flexibility in the daily routine.
  • The family doctor or a community palliative care physician may be able to act as the primary doctor.

Home Care Disadvantages

  • Facilities may be inadequate for effective home care.
  • Emergencies may be hard to handle at home.
  • The home may offer little privacy.
  • Family members may be afraid to have a dying person at home.
  • Family caregivers may struggle or burn out without enough support.

Hospice Care Advantages

  • Hospice cares for the patient and family alike.
  • Physical, emotional, and spiritual needs are addressed in a holistic approach.
  • Family and friends can still be actively involved in caregiving.
  • Family and friends get follow-up grief and bereavement support.
  • Residential hospice combines a home-like setting with 24-hour professional care.
  • Visiting hospice offers home health care and support services at no charge.

Hospice Care Disadvantages

  • The patient may have complex needs not suited to hospice care.
  • The patient may wish to receive treatment that a hospice may not provide, such as artificial feeding.

Hospital Care Advantages

  • Specialized medical care and equipment are immediately available.
  • Specialized palliative care may be available.
  • The hospital routine offers structure that the patient and family may need.

Hospital Care Disadvantages

  • There may be little privacy.
  • The family may not be able to actively participate in caregiving as much care as they’d like.
  • The hospital routine may not suit the patient or family’s personal routine.
  • The hospital may be seen as imposing or impersonal.
  • The hospital may not be easily accessible to the family.

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