Tips for Handling Visitors

  • Encourage people to visit whenever possible, unless your loved one doesn't want to see anyone.
  • Tell anyone you think might want to see your loved one, or whom your loved one might want to see, what's going on.
  • Encourage people to visit early in your loved one's illness, especially if they hope to resolve differences or make amends.
  • You may wish to appoint a family member or friend to commuincate with your loved one's support system about what is happening.
  • Sometimes it is a good idea to limit the number of visitors (for example, 2 at a time).
  • You may wish to set certain visiting hours or use a signal, such as a porch light turned on or a sign on your door, to let people know if it's okay to drop in.
  • Encourage visitors to call before dropping by to see if your loved one is up to a visit.
  • Never force your loved one to see anyone who is not welcome.
  • Know that many visitors will be nervous or even frightened by things like changes in your loved one's appearance, or by the fact that your loved one is dying.

  See the section General Guidelines for Visitors for details.

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